Navarre Beach Flags: Quick Visual Guide to Flag Meanings [with Pictures]

Navarre Beach Flags: Quick Visual Guide to Flag Meanings [with Pictures]

Isaac Wiinanen

There is a flagpole at the end of each wooden walkway on Navarre Beach displaying a flag. The color and number of flags represent different surf and marine life conditions that are important for swimmers. You need to pay attention to these flags while on vacation for your safety. This is a quick visual guide to the significance of each color. 

Flag Meanings

These flags are ranked from safest to most dangerous. 

Green Flag – Low to No Hazard

green flag illustrated

It’s safe to swim, surf, and enjoy the water with little risk. 

Yellow Flag – Moderate Hazard

yellow flag illustrated

A yellow flag means there may be moderate surf hazards. It’s still safe to swim, just be cautious of the conditions.

Red Flag (single) – Hazard

red flag illustrated

When you see a single red flag on the flagpole, it means there are hazardous conditions at the beach. Usually, this means strong currents or high surf conditions. You’ll still see people in the water, but it’s recommended for experienced swimmers and beach-goers. 

Red Flag (double) – Extreme Hazard

double red flag illustrated

If you see two red flags on the flagpole, this indicates anything from very strong currents to severe weather. The public cannot go in the water when two red flags are present. 

Purple Flag – Marine Life Hazard

purple flag illustrated

This flag can be combined with the others. It suggests the presence of dangerous marine life, including jellyfish. 

Flag Locations

boardwalk leading to navarre beach
Boardwalk leading to Navarre Beach with flag visible

There are two primary flags on Navarre Beach, located at the end of each wooden boardwalk leading up to the beach off the public access. Two access points exist, one on the east end and west end of the beach.

Viewing Flag Conditions Online

You can check the flag status and the water condition of Navarre Beach online. There is a video feed available at the link below with a 24/7 beach cam. 

View flag conditions

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