How to Pronounce “Navarre”, Florida like a Local

How to Pronounce “Navarre”, Florida like a Local

Isaac Wiinanen

If you’re visiting our beautiful beach town of Navarre, Florida, it’s worth learning how to pronounce “Navarre” so you can blend in with the locals.

Here’s a quick audio recording of the local pronunciation of “Navarre”. It may vary from region to region (we’ll get to that in a minute). But this is how we say it here in Florida.

Correct pronunciation of “Navarre” in Florida

The correct pronunciation of “Navarre” is “Nah-vahr”.

Listen here:

History of the name “Navarre”

Navarre is a Spanish family name dating back to 1137 in the Aragon region of Spain. Surnames were used and passed down though the family. The Navarre family originated in northern Spain. “Navarre” essentially means “plain near the mountains” – which is funny, since Navarre, Florida is nowhere near mountains.

Settlers explored the area of West Florida in 1827, and there were two prominent families who are listed as living in this area: Wyman and Williams. These founding families nicknamed the area they settled as “Navarre”, and the name stuck ever since.

Other places named “Navarre” around the world

There are 5 regions of the world named “Navarre”, three of which reside in the United States.

In America, there is a Navarre, Ohio, Navarre, Kansas, and of course, Navarre, Florida. Abroad, there is a Navarre in both Spain and Australia.

Navarre, Ohio

Navarre, Ohio is technically a “village” that sits outside of Akron. With has almost 2,000 people, it is significantly larger than its sister town in Kansas.

Navarre, Kansas

Navarre, Kansas is a tiny town with gravel roads and a grain elevator. There is a red brick community center that stands in the center of the town, completely unmarked on the map.

Navarre, Spain

In Spain, the original Navarre is in the region of Navarra. This area hosts the town of Pampona, just south of the Bay of Biscay. 

Navarre, Australia

In Australia, there is a city of Navarre in the southern state of Victoria. It reflects the city of Navarre, Kansas, with gravel roads and a single BP gas station in the town. It is a sleepy, peaceful place, located about 2.5 hours outside of Melbourne.

If you’re visiting our Navarre in Florida, be sure to drop by and say hi! It’s a great place to relax and spend time with family.

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